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First Saturday of the month

My dear children, my maternal presence is here with you. You are receiving precious gifts for my coming here, but I observe in your hearts so much fear! So much distrust in your hearts!

Dear children, fear, distrust and insecurity can only be expected from souls who do not know the Holy Spirit. If you act in this way, then you doubt the power of the Holy Spirit and doubt closes your hearts to the grace of God’s love and that offends my son.

Many of my little children are slaves of fear. Why do you distrust if everything depends on the Will of the Father? Whoever thinks about or is concerned about the future is forgetting the divine providence, and this, dear children, is a sin.

Every first Saturday of the month is a special day of intercession because, as a Mother, I join my children on earth and pray with you for conversion and for those who do not know the infinite love of God. Many of my Christian children, many of those who consecrate themselves to our hearts, still do not know God’s love because you do not give yourselves completely to the Lord, because you hold a part in you that you do not give to him.

Dear lily, every first Saturday I come to pray for those who do not know the precious love of Jesus. The souls who do not know the love of my son live insecure, live in fear, live worried and disturbed, but whoever truly opens himself to the love of Jesus will trust completely and peace will reign in his heart. Trust in the love of God but really trust with the heart; do not trust with your lips and doubt within.

The love of Jesus is the greatest gift the Father is giving you, do not disappoint that love.

My lily, every first Saturday I consecrate it to pray with you and all my apostles for the world to know the love of God. Until everyone knows God’s love there will be no more pain because everyone will feel loved and the concern will be to love and create peace. I pray for each one of you so that you may accept my call and live it.

Peace, Peace, Peace.

I give you my maternal blessing.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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