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Urgent call from the Eternal Father to the Fiat Volunta Tua!

I AM, dear children, my creatures, apostles of the United Sacred Hearts, I call you to my presence to learn about the merciful love that I, your Eternal Father, want to demonstrate to you and invite you to an unlimited trust to my heart of Father and God.

My creatures, apostles of my Fatherly Love, I wish to speak to you about the Centers of Spirituality, the Cenacles of the United Sacred Hearts.

They will be structures. Houses consecrated directly to the worship of the Sacred Hearts. They will be centers of diffusion of the Devotion to the Sacred Hearts. For it, you, my apostles, will unite, every army in its country, and you will ask the due permission to obtain a building in which a Center of Spirituality will be erected.

It does not matter if it is a small place. The important thing is that it fulfills the conditions that Heaven has given you: the Chapel with the Tabernacle in the center of the Altar, Perpetual Adoration, the Icons and Banners of the Apostolate, enthroned or placed in the Chapel, a small place where the material of the Apostolate is diffused, and another small space where spiritual and corporal works of charity are carried out. These houses should have lodging for my priests.

Dear children, these Spirituality Centers are not family homes, but homes or Spirituality Centers where only Apostolic activities are performed.

Dear children, the Cenacles of the Sacred Hearts have to be understood as Centers of Diffusion of my Apostolate, a house at the service of the Church and centered in Apostolic activities.

My apostles will unite, and at least, in each country, with the due permissions, a Spiritual House will be opened with the name Cenacle of the Sacred Hearts and will fulfill the apostolic activities that already, the Sacred Hearts, have specified to you. I invite you again to trust.

Dear children, just have the disposition of the will which is to have an open heart, and the Holy Spirit and the heart of the heavenly Mother will do everything when you say yes with confidence.

God the Tender and Merciful Father blesses you.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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