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My little victim, may your heart never tire of giving to humanity these Last Calls to Love and Conversion that you receive from Our United Sacred Hearts. Always the prophet will be the voice in the desert, but it is in that desert that my Heavenly Mother, as the Book of Revelation says, is gathering her faithful remnant. This Apostolate of my Sacred Heart must be a desert; the oasis of this desert is the Holy Eucharist. The desert represents the retreat, the silence, the penance, the encounter with God. This is also why my Apostolate in this life of penance and sacrifice is a permanent crusade of reparation. My apostles, I invite you to contemplate my Pierced Heart, always offering itself to the Eternal Father. My heart seeks consolers to quench my thirst. All the apostles of this work must be consolers of my Thirsty Heart.

Dear children, my Apostolate is a permanent Crusade of Reparation and atonement for this reason, in these End Times, through my Apostolate. I have given to the whole world, the first Wednesdays, first Thursdays, first Fridays, first Saturdays, and I add at the request of My Eternal Father, the first Sundays of reparation and atonement to our Sacred Hearts and the first Sundays in reparation for disobedience and rejection of the Father of Humanity, my Eternal Father.

I invite you again and exhort you as your master to open your hearts and listen to me and that your daily life be an offering of reparation with love, with humility, with prayer, with obedience, you will be able to make of your lives a continuous offering of reparation and atonement.

With merciful love I bless you.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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