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The instrument: Saint Theresa of Avila is here; she says:

Souls, the Mansions of Perfection are the states and degrees of spiritual life, which the soul travels through until it is totally united, already on earth, with God; those Mansions are entirely open within the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Saint Joseph as the initiator of this journey is also the protector, the counselor and the companion who helps the souls to advance in the spiritual life. But to enter these Mansions through the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary is a Call from God to all souls, but not all of them respond, and even for many years in the Christian life or for many years of knowledge in the spiritual life, very few are those who dare with humility to accept this Invitation from God.

And to enter into this journey it is God who calls, and the soul, making a true act of faith, humility and obedience, certain and confident that God loves the soul, gives its ‘yes’; it feels loved, it feels desired, it feels accepted by Divine Love and gives its ‘yes’ to this transformation, to this journey, to this spiritual pilgrimage. The soul that has lost the sense of Love, the soul that has lost the meaning, the horizon of Christ’s Cross, the soul that has forgotten that it is infinitely loved by God, will find it difficult to accept this Invitation. 

Dear brothers, I exhort you to pray and in prayer to feel loved, because in the spiritual life Love, only Love, is the strength to be holy, it is the strength to live the Gospel and to practice our Calls to Love and Conversion. Only in Love is the secret to begin to desire to be holy! The soul who falls into tepidity, into discouragement, into weariness, is already losing the sense of Love. Ask, then, His Divine Majesty that you never lose the sense of Love!

I bless you with brotherly love in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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