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Little victim, my thirsty Heart on the Cross exclaimed: I thirst! Men understood that I was thirsty for my body, but more than a thirst for my body was a thirst for love. I was thirsty, thirsty for you, and I still have that thirst; thirsty for your conversion, thirsty for your fiat, thirsty for you to change your heart. I am still thirsty, and I want you to quench that thirst with my Love, quench it with my Spirit, calm it by letting my Spirit of Love enter your hearts.

My apostles, I had previously revealed the Glorious Cross, the Cross that had to be lifted up, to protect humanity from calamities, this Apostolate is the summary of my graces, in this Apostolate as water is collected in a jar so I collect all the Heavenly charisms, which I have given to men, therefore, in this Apostolate there is the Work of the Cross: to live the spirituality of the Cross, to meditate, to contemplate and to live with the Cross.

As it is a Last Call, and this work is the culmination of supernatural spiritualities, I have united my Sacred Heart with the Glorious Cross by marking it with my Precious Blood, for you to carry it over you, in the Sacred Scapular, and I am also revealing the Glorious Cross of the United Sacred Hearts in the Eucharist, just as my Heavenly Mother has asked to be raised in the repairing garden of the Two Hearts. This Cross also can and must be spread, for it is the summit of the spiritualities of the Cross. My apostles give thanks to my Father for the superabundance of graces He is giving you in these times, through the Work of my Sacred Heart.

I bless you with love and cover you with my Divine Mercy.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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