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Dear children, as the Mother of the Sweet Expectation, I invite you to open your Hearts to hope. Hope and faith together give My children strength to walk. Hope and faith encourage My children not to stray from the path of the Gospel. Whoever has hope and faith does not reject the cross but hopes in the Lord and trusts in his mercy. Hope, my children, is trust; he who hopes trusts.

My children, I invite you to trust, trust in my Son. He loves you with Infinite Love, his Love does not change, is not conditional, is a free, lasting, eternal Love. Trust in Jesus, He has lowered Himself to the condition of Creature, only by Love, and this Love deserves all trust.

Many of My children do not trust Jesus, they pray, but they pray in distrust, they pray in despair, they pray without love, and this prayer is a dry and lifeless prayer.

But prayer that is done in hope is a prayer that reaches the Father, who glorifies the Omnipotence, the Omniscience, and the Omnipresence of God. Hope in God, trust in my Son and you will free your life from bitterness, from despair.

I am Mother of the Sweet Expectation; also, I expect with My children the Messiah to be born. I hope that Jesus will be born in your Hearts. I am unceasingly close to the Hearts of My children, so that they may give place to God’s Life, to Grace, to Reconciliation.

Little one, the mystical Incarnation of Our Two Hearts in your Heart is a sign of hope, it is God who embraces the creature to transform it all into Him, but also that this creature may be a ray of light for other souls. The mystical Incarnation, besides being an Alliance of Hearts, of Three Hearts, is a light of hope for the souls, for them to trust and believe that Jesus is alive and with all My children.

Receive in your Hearts the Prince of Peace, and when you receive him do not keep him for yourself but carry him to others.

I give you my Maternal Blessing, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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