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My little secretary, write in your heart My Words. Feel within you the deepest longings, in your heart, of My Sacred Heart, this Sacred Heart that loves you so much.

My little one, it is My Father’s desire that the world and especially My Bride the Church, who is led by My Shepherds, Shepherds of the Flock, return together (faithful and ministers) to the life of Nazareth, where we lived in a community of faith.

My Beloved Mother Mary, St. Joseph the Chaste and Just man, nurturing father of My Sacred Heart, we were a model of the Church, a model of the family, a model of the apostolate. We prayed and gave ourselves to the Father for all humanity, the deepest longing of Our Sacred Hearts was communion with the Eternal Father.

Many have left the Church causing schisms and divisions, but it is because their souls did not understand the importance of unity and spiritual communion. My House is the Church, the Church must become the little House of the Blessed and Holy Family of Nazareth.

When you understand this, you will know that unity is necessary. My Church is My Father’s House on earth, the earth must be renewed in intimate communion with Our United Hearts. The little kingdom I establish in you and in the brethren is a Call to unite.

It is an apostolate because it is a life of surrender. It is an apostle because it is the one who announces. It is a desire of My Sacred Heart that the souls who consecrate themselves to this great apostolate speak with works, work with prayer and that their life be a clear and holy example of communion with Our United Hearts.

I desire to reunite My Church again together with My Vicar, together with the priestly souls, together with the faithful people. Form with Me, My Manuel, the part of the Holy Family that still today must be reunited and thus extend the Reign of God and of Our Hearts throughout humanity. This is the apostolate of Our United Sacred Hearts, a Call to true life in God.

With your prayer unite My People.

Jesus of Nazareth, obedient and loving Son of Joseph and Mary. Loves and blesses you. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary, most pure, conceived without sin.


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