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My humanity even today

Dear child of My Sacred Heart, write My Words for the world. Humanity believes that I do not exist and that, if I do, I am far from your human reality.

When a man suffers, I suffer in him because he has a part of Me. When a soul weeps, I weep with that soul for he is the light of My Sacred Heart, that is, a lamp in which I reflect My light, as the sun reflects on the moon. I am not sitting on the Throne of Glory while I watch the world suffer and weep.

My Sacred Heart is human and now, after My Resurrection, glorified. Remember creation that I am the Man-God who has suffered as you have. God-Man who becomes humanly limited like you.

But you know, my little one, that what strengthened Me, sustained Me, guided Me, was the Divine Holy Spirit, Whom I have sent to be Your Comforter, Who will guide you to the full knowledge of Truth, teach you and prepare you.

Every Word of God to Israel, was accepted by many and also rejected by others. Cry out to the Divine Spirit to guard your hearts so that the devil does not enter your hearts and snatch away My Words, as he does with many who trust in their humanity and effort and not in the assistance of grace. That is why, child, the world today is still far from its purpose and mission.

You cry out for a New Pentecost so that God the Holy Spirit may lead mankind, lead them to the full knowledge of God. God who will be discovered with the help of the Holy Spirit. Mankind needs to know the Holy Spirit.

In My Sacred Heart which loves you, be blessed.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without sin.


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