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Dear little brother, today, to continue this spiritual itinerary of the soul’s pilgrimage, through the Mansions of Perfection, which have not only passed through the Hearts of Joseph and Mary but, perfectly united to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, are part of these Mansions of Holiness.

The soul illuminated by a very special Grace of God feels thirst, hunger and need to enter the Mansions of the Sacred Hearts. Before entering, he recognizes his sins, but he does not remain so much in error and sin, but what hurts more the soul is to have said “no” to the Eternal Love, which is God. This “no” is a rebellion to the Father. That “no” kills the soul. The sinner recognizes this rejection of God. Ask to be forgiven for this denial of divine love, which has proposed Commandments not to make man sad but to make him fully happy.

The first act of God with this soul, which longs to walk and progress gradually in the Mansions of Holiness, the Sacred Hearts, is an illumination, through the Holy Spirit, which moves the soul to humiliation and forgiveness.

The first step in this spiritual journey is the illumination of the soul by the Holy Spirit, who reveals to the soul the full truth of its life and of God’s immense love for the soul. The soul does not resist, but asks for forgiveness, and by being forgiven continues to advance. It is the light of the Holy Spirit as the First Mansion.

United in the light of his heart, I bless you.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without sin.


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