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My Apostolate has been born from my Sacred Heart and, with this Apostolate, I have wished to unite the faithful.

My Apostolate is a permanent crusade of Eucharistic and Marian Reparation. My Apostolate is a well where diverse streams of grace meet. This well is my Sacred Eucharistic Heart. The Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of my Mother is the one that gives drink to the creatures of this well. And the Chaste and Loving Heart of Saint Joseph is the one who leads my flock to this well. The Divine Will, the Divine Mercy, my Sacred Heart, the spirituality of the Cross, gathered in my Eucharistic Heart to give itself to all.

My apostles, hear my Eternal Shepherd’s voice and come drink the waters of this well.

Through my Apostolate I have also given the Devotion of Reparation on the first Thursdays of each month, to make reparation and make amends to my heart for the sins committed against the Holy Eucharist, for the sins committed by the priests of my heart, and for the persecution, hatred and indifference towards the Holy Church, the Holy Father and all the consecrated.

I, Jesus Christ, promise that the creature that on the first Thursdays, with the Devotion of Eucharistic Reparation, will repair and console my Eucharistic Heart, will obtain conversion, will relieve or free souls of priests who are in Purgatory, and will hasten the coming of my Eucharistic Reign. Whoever prays the Devotion of Eucharistic Reparation, on the first Thursdays of every month, will be able to intercede and even obtain the grace of conversion for the persecutors of my Church.

I, Jesus Christ, urged my Apostolate to always remember that it is an Army of Eucharistic and Marian reparation.

With my Eucharistic Heart I bless you.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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