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February 9, 2015 – Call to Love and Conversion from the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary

The world hardens its heart by sin.

Open your hearts to My Presence because the heart of the world is hardened by sin and vanity.

I want to banish from you everything that does not please My Son Jesus, for My Son Jesus suffers for your sins, and His Mother sheds tears, and tears of Blood, as She watches My children being condemned.

Pray, children, pray much, and be courageous and determined to carry the Cross of My Son Jesus. In this my little house of prayer, I give you my Maternal Graces, Graces that you need to be faithful to my Son in your daily life.

Pray the Holy Rosary every day and you will be able to overcome the trials and temptations, and the sin in your hearts. You will be purified because I come to seek you, souls who belong to the Lord. Dear children, I always wait for you in my Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, but my motherly heart is saddened when you do not fulfill this request. For I wish to pour out graces on you and I cannot act without your consent, because My Father has given you freedom and will. Therefore, children, pray, pray until you fall in love with my Son Jesus.

Pray that you may be strong in the mission. This little cenacle of prayer, you are the chosen ones of My Heart and I do not want you to become weary but to continue to persevere always; pray much.

Pray for Colombia which will suffer.

Pray for the Church which is going through great battles.

Pray for Mexico and Ecuador which will be shaken.

Pray for Europe and all of Central America because the arm of My Father’s Justice is already very heavy for their many sins.

Dear children, truly convert and sincerely seek My Son Jesus Christ. And I am waiting for the “yes” from each of you because it is a time of courageous decisions, if you commit yourselves to My Cause, we will come out courageously.

Thank you for responding to My Call. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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