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Children see the wound of my side, the spear did not only open my side, it opened my heart; from my heart water and blood flowed for you, that is, Eternal Life and the Holy Spirit.

Children, you do not understand, because when you do not love entirely, you will not understand an Eternal Love. Many people just think that I was crucified, and simply forget about the pain, forget about the Cross, and forget about the three hours of agony that I had to endure. Still you do not understand that all the sin of the world, of men of the past, present and future, fell upon me and I being God, Lamb without Blemish, I became sin, I became sin to cancel your debts with my Eternal Father; and, even then, you do not understand it, because your love is very little, so limited by horizons that are called selfishness.

Children, he who does not know how to love can never understand my sacrifice on the Cross. My Cross for the world is foolishness, but for those souls who know how to love, it is the greatest sign of love, service and total surrender.

My Cross is the sign par excellence of love! But I tell you, dear children: whoever does not love, whoever does not dare to love as I have loved, will not be able to understand my Cross, and in order to understand me you must love.

Dear Apostles of my heart, I invite you to reflect whoever does not love will not find the wisdom of the Cross. Dare to love! Dare to forgive and ask for forgiveness! Dare to live in peace! Whoever obeys me is not deceived!

I love you and my heart is agonizing with pain, because you do not understand how much I love you. Through prayer, fasting, Holy Mass, and daily reading of my Gospel and my Calls to Love and Conversion, you will be able to understand, to comprehend; if you obey, you will be able to live in truth.

I give you my merciful blessing with infinite love.

in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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