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Three spiritualities.

My dear children, today I invite you to prayer, sacrifice and penance. These three spiritualities unite the whole Christian life. Live in prayer, sacrifice and penance, that is, fulfill your duties towards God. But whatever you do for the glory of God, do it for the love of God. Whatever you do, offer it for the conversion of poor sinners, for the peace of the world for the Holy Father and for the whole universal Church.

Dear children, many are still sleeping. It is time for you to wake up from your lethargy, because the time that is coming is a terrible time because you, dear children, do not understand what heaven must do to cleanse the world, to purify the world, to heal the world but for that a purification of the world is necessary. Many of you, as mothers, suffer when you see your children in a bad state and I, my dear children, see thousands of souls condemning themselves. Therefore, comfort me with your prayers. Many souls are condemning themselves. Many souls are getting lost because there are no people to pray to sacrifice themselves and to suffer for them because they like comfort and lack of commitment.

Dear children, to meet Christ is to commit oneself to Christ, not to be Christians of a dormant life but Christians who offer their whole life in atonement, in sacrifice, at the foot of the Cross.

Therefore, dear children, be truly converted, because the time is coming and these are times of great spiritual battles. Change, pray, love and seek to give yourselves truly to the Lord for those who do not glorify Him. Truly give yourselves to the Lord for those who give themselves to us. Comfort the Lord for those who do not comfort Him. Pray and fast for those who do not. All, dear children, can fast, give themselves. Give themselves without selfishness for the salvation of souls. Give your time without selfishness to pray for the world.

Dear children, I call you to love, to the love which will lead you to love God truly, to love God and neighbor firmly. I am Mary, Queen of prayer, sacrifice and penance, and I invite you to live these three roses. I love you and I bless you.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without sin.


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