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Little child of my Heart make known my Call to Love for humanity. My Good Shepherd’s Heart inclines my Merciful Love over the littlest souls, those souls that are simple, those souls that easily forgive and promptly are ready to serve; these souls snatch my Heart.

There are two attitudes that are very touching to God’s Love: forgiveness and service. Whoever forgives much on earth, much will be forgiven on the day of judgment. To the one who always forgives on earth, all will be forgiven on the day of judgment. To him who serves by making himself the last, with no desire to be recognized or seen, but rather with the desire for concealment and silence, in Heaven will be exalted.

Souls: but the great majority of men want power on earth, want great positions, and make great enterprises seeking recognition and improvement, even over their neighbor here on earth.

But, he who works with pure intention. He who has received much but remains the same simple one and continues with his simple soul, and places that much he has at the service, will receive a hundred-fold.

Today, I want to invite you to live in simplicity, because if you are simple you will be able to forgive easily, you will be able to serve, promptly, without expecting to be asked to serve. Only my apostles who see the need and without waiting for your neighbor to ask for your help, give it to them. The apostle of my Heart is always sensitive to the needs of his brothers.

Children: I want you to understand that my Heart has been the first to forgive you, My Heart has been the first to serve you. My Heart has been the first to love you.

My apostles: listen to me! Return to the simplicity of the child, return to the purity and holiness that you received on the day of your Baptism. Do not destroy your souls anymore, because you are temples of the Holy Spirit, and every time you are unfaithful, to the commitment and consecration of Baptism, you sadden and cast out of you the Spirit of God. Do not do it anymore! Do not reject my Spirit anymore!

Pray and make amends, for never has mankind offended and sinned so much against the Holy Spirit, as in the time in which you are living.

With my Apostolate, with my Calls to Love and Conversion, in this refuge of our Sacred Hearts, I come to gather my faithful flock of souls of apostles in these End Times. Listen to me with your heart!

I bless you with Merciful Love.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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