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Souls, I have bought you with my own blood and my own life, by rescuing you from hell and eternal death, so that you may have life, grace and eternity in God; but I want to invite you again to be Apostles of my Sacred Heart, because the Apostle is nearer to his master, the Apostle is nearer to his master’s heart, the Apostle knows the secrets of his master, and the Apostle is witness of the life, work and teaching of his master.

I want you, dear children, to be Apostles of my Sacred Heart. I want you to come closer, to trust, to abandon yourselves in my love, without fear, without distrust; because I, your master, all that happens in your lives, I will give you a teaching; and I will show you why I allowed a pain or why I granted a grace.

I want you to be Apostles of my Sacred Heart, do not despair, and do not give permission to Satan to steal your peace, because although the world is in full war, the soul that knows my love is at peace, because it trusts in my love; be Apostles of my love.

Pray and listen to my words and by listening to my words live them and by living them walk the path of God’s love and you will not be lost, and you will not be confused, and you will know my Divine Will.

Souls, I want you to pray.

I, Jesus, desire that each one of you truly fathom in the love of God.

I insist, dear children, meditate on the love of God, and think more about the love of God.

Let yourself be loved by Jesus. Soul, do not worry so much: if you do not love, if you sin, if you fail, worry more about letting yourself be loved by me, about being more intimate to the desires of my heart, and about living my teachings. Remember that I do everything.

Souls surrender to my Sacred Heart and let my Divine Providence and my Divine Will take the course of your lives.

Humanity, I bless you from the refuge of the Holy Family in these End Times.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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