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June 5, 2014 – Call to Love and Conversion from the Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Revelation of the Scapular, the Triumph and the End Times.

My little one, today I come to consecrate your soul, that you, My soldier, may be all mine. Today, I consecrate you as an apostle of Light and Love and I choose you as a herald of my Second Coming, for behold, I am coming.

Manuel says: I see how Jesus imposes the Scapular on me, which has a White Cross on its front and the five points on the part of the wounds. On the back of the Scapular, which goes over the back, is the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary surrounded by three roses, white, red and yellow, and a dagger piercing the Heart. On the tip of the dagger is a little drop of Blood. The Scapular was large and brown in color.

Jesus continues the message and says: “That is why my apostle I have come again to consecrate you. I give you my two Merciful Rays to fill your being. My little one, the road is hard, but with me it becomes easy to walk. It is time for the world to return to my Sacred Heart! I consecrate you, therefore, with this Scapular. It is not new. It was already present in the mystery of my life. With this Scapular, as I place it on you, I also place my life on you. From this day on, you will be my herald.

I will soon come to reign in every heart. Son, every conscience will be touched and every being will return to the justice and order with which it was created.

Today I call all my disciples to use this Scapular that proclaims my Second Coming. My Cross symbolizes my sacrifice and the wounds are the ones that open to reach mercy for the world. The White Cross symbolizes me who is the Whitest Lamb on the Throne. And there is also my Mother, my follower par excellence. She is also in my glory, just as she suffered the ignominy of the Cross that I suffered for love. Son, it is time to tell the world that I am near.

Today I bless and consecrate you. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without original sin.


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