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Little nothing, crucified with me for love:

The Apostolate is the compendium of graces. Thus, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Sacrificed Lamb, which is my Sacred Eucharistic Heart, bring together in this Great Work “Magnum Opus” all the graces of our Sacred Hearts.

My Apostolate is also a legion of repairing souls of my Divine Face, for my Suffering Face is the expression of love of my Sacred Heart. To adore my Divine Face is to adore my Sacred Heart. To repair my Suffering Face is to repair the pain of my Sacred Heart. My Divine Face and my Sacred Heart are one single mystery, a mystery of Eucharistic sacrifice.

For this reason, son, I want to gather in my Apostolate all the devotions to my Divine Face, and I want to give you a treasure of Eucharistic love:

The Chaplet of Reparation to my Divine Face

This Chaplet will be a spiritual cloth that will wipe my Face. Whoever prays this Chaplet, with the cloth of his repairing heart, will console and wipe my Divine Face.

The souls who pray this Chaplet will offer to my Tender and Merciful Father my suffering Divine Face in the Passion.

And, for the souls of sinners who offer this Chaplet, my Father will not look upon the sinner, but upon my Divine Face.

When you pray this Chaplet, my Tender and Merciful Father will not look upon the sin of the world, but on my Divine Face and my Sacred Eucharistic Heart’s offering in atonement, and the Tender Father will give Graces of Mercy.

This Chaplet of Reparation to my Divine Face must be composed of 33 beads, which represent my whole life of obedience, love and pain on earth; that is to say, my 33 years of life.

And the way and method of praying it is as follows:

You will begin with the Sign of the Cross, the Act of Contrition of the Apostolate, the prayers of Invocation to the Holy Spirit that we have already dictated to you, the Apostles’ Creed. An Our Father, a Hail Mary of the End Times and a Glory Be and the three Mysteries.

On the large beads you will say to my Father:

God, the Tender and Merciful Father, I offer you this Most Holy and Adorable Face of our Lord Jesus Christ to atone for the sins of the whole world, for blasphemies, sacrileges and irreverences; for the enlightenment of your priests and religious and for the conversion of all sinners, especially the most obstinate; as well as for the liberation or relief of the Souls in Purgatory. Amen.

Ten times you will say:

God the Father, look upon the Suffering Face and the Pierced Heart of thy son Jesus Christ, and convert poor sinners into chosen ones. Amen.

And as an Ejaculatory:

Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us who seek refuge in you.

At the end of the three mysteries, you will pray three times:

Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus imprint in my heart the image of your divinity and give me an ardent love for you, so that one day I may see your glorified Face. Amen.

And you will end this Chaplet of Reparation to my Divine Face with the Prayer of Reparation to the Suffering Divine Face of Jesus, which I also have already dictated to you for the Hours of Gethsemane.

My little son, also, this Chaplet of Reparation to my Divine Face will prepare souls for the illumination of consciences.

With my Divine Suffering Face, the Face of my Sacred Eucharistic Heart, I bless you:

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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