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My Mother’s Heart is continually manifesting itself, to show you the Love of the Heart of Jesus, to remind you of what Jesus has taught you, to guide you on the path of righteousness. I look into your hearts and find only a hardness that refuses to be understood. You, dear children, can understand my Words; but you resist understanding them, and sometimes man wants to accommodate the Word of God, according to his own criteria.

Dear children, your hearts are hard, you can change, you have the Holy Spirit since your baptism, and you can change; but above all you allow yourselves to be led by your human criteria.

Dear children, with much pain in my Heart, I say to you: you are not in love with God, because the human ego still dominates, thinking, acting, believing that what my ego is guiding me is the right path. You have not let yourselves be defeated by God! Prejudice and arrogance kill your souls!

Dear children, humility, penance and prayer, listen to me and obey me! If you surrender more to prayer, if you practice more moments of silence, you can understand my Words. Do what my son asks you!

Little one, I know that you suffer immensely the agonies that My Son shares with you. I tell you, son, do not be discouraged; go on suffering for him! Jesus with your pain is doing great works. Keep on agonizing with Jesus! My son, your pain consoles us. Our Sacred Hearts are in you and in you is our infinite pain. I tell you this so that you may know the great good you do by offering. You console us. Do not grieve that, although you see that your brothers in the world do not change, our hearts are consoled.

I give you my Maternal Blessing.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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