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Children of my Sacred Heart, my heart is mercy. I want you to know that I see everyone with mercy.

I know that all are sinners, and I know that all are under the law that was established from the disobedience of their first parents. And that is why the Father in Heaven sent me, his only Son, to give himself up as the Paschal Lamb for the remission of all the sins of men; past, present, and future. In me, I accepted, took on, assumed, all the sins of all men.

Can you understand the pain, the anguish, what this means? Can you bear a little of what I suffered? Because my suffering was not only physical, but it was also a sorrow in the spirit, and this spiritual and moral sorrow is what hurt me the most, and now it is what makes me suffer the most, the sins and condemnation of many souls.

I want you to learn from my love; my love does not select, my love does not separate, my love does not choose, my love loves everyone, everyone in a very special way.

I love you all, but each one. It is a love of salvation, it is a love of redemption, and I want you to rescue other souls by your examples of holiness, by your testimony, by your forgiveness, by the suffering that is hidden to purify yourself.

In every human act, from work to rest, in suffering and in joy, in every present moment of your lives, you can be fishers of lost souls. Offer everything together with me, do everything as if I were doing it.

And I ask you to fall in love, fall in love with my love, be attracted by your Eucharistic God, love your Jesus on the cross. Ask your Holy Spirit to make you fall in love with my Sacred Heart, and with my love so much in love with your creatures, your souls that he has redeemed on the cross, I bless you. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary, Most Pure, conceived without original sin.


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