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Dear children, I am the Father and Creator of men. I have sent the two Prophets of the End Times; the Sacred Heart of my Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ and the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of my eternal and beloved handmaid Mary.

Oh souls, created by the only law existing in my nature, the Law of Love, I am your most tender and loving Father! Men have made an image of their God as a powerful and punishing avenger. It is true, my souls, that I am mighty, but my power consists of infinite love and incomprehensible mercy that I have for you.

Oh souls, how rejected your Father God feels! I am a good God. I am the tenderness of Fathers, I am goodness.

Dear children, my goodness is infinite. I have wanted you all to live in goodness, in love and in brotherhood, because every baptized person is a brother and my children, but selfishness has always been put in the first place by you men.

I not only invite you; I command you! But it is an order of love. Think more of me, desire what I desire, and seek the treasures of the kingdom, nothing else.

I, as I acted for my people Israel, will likewise care for, defend, and act on your behalf. Trust! I exhort you! Trust more in your Heavenly Father! Listen! There you have the two prophets; Jesus and Mary, listen to them and obey them.

I love you, soul, I love you, and as the most loving of Fathers, I will not permit, if you also collaborate with me, that you lose your soul. Give me your “yes”, I only want your “fiat”, the rest will be done by your Father.

My Almighty Blessing, which embraces all, which renews all, and we give, the Father, my Son, and the Spirit through the hands of my ministers, descend upon all.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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