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May 28, 2014 – Call to Love and Conversion from the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary

The favorite sons of my Immaculate Womb are my priests, ministers of my Son. 

Dear son, today I tell you that every son born of my Immaculate Womb loves and venerates priests. Priests whose hands are consecrated to give divine worship, holy worship, sacred worship, inviolable worship.

My children, giving themselves to the Father on behalf of the world. That is why every son of mine loves and venerates priests. Each priest, my mystic, is another Christ. Why another Christ? Because every priest has received God’s gift in his life. My son, (the gift) lives in them, in them is the ministry of Christ, in them is the presence of God, in them is the presence of my son Jesus in fullness, in unconditional love.

Oh, my child, how much I love priests and how much I suffer for them! My son, pray for them, for the priests, my chosen ones. Save many priestly souls, with your prayers and sacrifices. Each of my priest sons, each of their souls are precious to the Father. Every priest is a true sign that my son lives. My son, mystic of my heart, you know that I cannot do what they do. I carried my son on my bosom for nine months, gave him birth to the world in Bethlehem and gave him to you on the Cross.

Son, now (today) every priest brings him daily into the world into your hearts. If you knew that my Heart is not only Immaculate but also Priestly… I am Mary, Mother Priest, who calls you today to pray for priests. Sacrifice for them and rejoice with them, suffer with them, fight for them. Every priest must open himself to my graces, graces that flow from my Sorrowful Immaculate and Priestly Heart especially for them. How much I desire holy priests! full of piety, faith and devotion carrying the cross daily.

The hands of a priest, dear son, shine in the heaven. They are the stars of the eternal firmament; they are the roses of my Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart. They are my pearls, the pearls of my Crown, and they are my precious Tears for every priest who is unfaithful to my Son.

My beloved little one, the world is still sustained not only by my prayer, but by every Holy Mass, celebrated daily by every priest. The world today lives with the light of the sun and the radiance of the moon for every priestly prayer. Pray, love and seek my predilected priests who are my most beloved, my most persecuted children. O priests of my heart, return to your mother who is calling you! Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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