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November 16, 2015 – Call to Love and Conversion from the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mar

Dear children of my Immaculate Heart, listen to the inner voice of the Holy Spirit. Each of you be silent in your mind and heart so that you may hear the Silence of God. That is why many souls live in distress and without peace because they do not want to listen to God. When a soul has Peace, she accepts the Will of the Lord, in Peace, and does not oppose his Will, because the soul loves: Loves the Divine Will. Therefore, ask for the Gift of Inner Silence to be able to understand many things of the Spirit; although not all, because it is not in the Divine Will.

Dear children, live in silence, pray, see, wait, because everything will pass away. The prophecies will be fulfilled. For the men of the world are worse off than before. This generation has become immensely depraved; they are very rebellious to the Voice of the Lord. Because the noise of the world, of technology, of sciences without conscience, is altering the heart of man. Therefore, dear children, pray and ask for the Peace of the world.

I spoke to you in La Salette and you didn’t listen. Because of your disobedience and your free will, you are causing suffering. Nicaragua you disobey very much your Mother. When will you listen to Me! This nation has suffered and will continue to suffer because there is no conversion of heart to God. Pray for Central America which is sinking into a wave of violence. Pray for the United States, for Russia, for China, which will be at the service of the Antichrist.

Children of Mary, wake up, the time has come! Behold, My Son Jesus Christ is preparing His return!

Pray, dear children; listen to the Voice of your Mother who loves you. Pray for peace in all hearts. Offer the Novena of the Immaculate Conception for the Peace of the world.

On this image I leave a little piece of My Immaculate Heart so that those who venerate it may find the Gift of Peace, if in their hearts there is sincerity and obedience, they will find it.

Ask, dear children, that the world may change. The Third World War is advancing and now a Fourth World War awaits you, for there is no conversion. The Man of Evil intends to conquer the whole world for his plans.

It is time for you to hear and obey My maternal calls. I love you and I bless you, dear children, and I bless all that you have placed on My altar. In the name of God the Father in the Name of God the Son in the Name of the Holy Spirit of God. Amen.


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