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November 17, 2013 – Call to love and conversion from the Sacred Heart of Jesus

“Request from the Sacred Heart of Jesus.”

Jesus tells me: Son, I need souls who surrender and join My Cross. I need souls willing to listen and obey; I need souls to surrender to Me. I have chosen you. Do you want to surrender to Me?

Manuel: Jesus, I am unworthy and, like this, fragile and sinner from the first moment.

Jesus says: I will make you worthy, and I have chosen you like that: fragile and sinner. Don’t hesitate in surrendering to Me; don’t fear; I will be with you until the end so later you will surrender to Me completely in eternity.

Look, My Sacred Heart is in love with you.

Manuel: Jesus, help me to truly fall in love with You.

Jesus: Spouse I will be for your soul and you in My Sacred Heart, you will be the smallest.

Manuel: Take me, Lord.


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