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November 29, 2015 – Call to Love and Conversion from the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mar

Dear children, My Immaculate Heart is the channel of Grace. No blessing or grace from the Holy Trinity passes to you except through My Immaculate Heart. For the Blessed Trinity has His tabernacle and living temple in My Immaculate Heart.

Children, learn from My teachings, obey My messages. As a good Mother I point out the right path for your good, but the eternal Good. The Lord does not promise you happiness and joy on Earth. For you must purify your sins, your faults of love. But if you persevere and strive, with the help of the Holy Spirit, and by consecrating yourselves to My Immaculate Heart, you will achieve everything. For the strength is Love. If you truly love My words, you will obey Me. Only a heart that loves belongs to My Marian Army. Hearts that do not love, as they do not have love, do not listen to Me or obey Me.

My children, pray, that you may achieve perseverance; pray, that you may love. For true Love is given by the Holy Spirit, whom the world has forgotten.

My children, do not reject your Mother who loves you, and as she loves you, she corrects you, she teaches you. For I am concerned about the number of souls who are being lost.

Children, offer your sufferings for the souls who will be condemned. Do not worry about how much you suffer. Let your suffering be hidden. Worry about how much you love. And let your love be seen by other men so that they may know Jesus. Pray! Pray! Pray for yourselves! Pray for Nicaragua! Because of man’s lack of love for creation they are destroying nature. A natural disaster is about to befall on Central America. Because the Earth cries out for justice for the sins of men.

Dear children, concern yourselves with obeying My messages. My messages are the words that I have heard from Jesus and I am transmitting them to you. If you reject the Mother, you reject the Son. And he who rejects the Son rejects the Heavenly Father who is with him.

Children, repent and return to God with sincere hearts, with prayers and sacrifices, that My Son loves you. And the greatest happiness consists in being united to the Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

My children, respond as soon as possible to Our invitation. For the hour is urgent, the time is short, and the liberation of My children is drawing near. Understand that I am concerned about your salvation. But everything here is temporary; Heaven or Punishment is eternal. Be true Christians and My true children. I give you My blessing.

I bless the Advent Wreath. The Advent Wreath represents My children’s journey from darkness to Light. And so, at this time I come to you to give you Light, that you may not be seduced by the darkness that surrounds you, even if you do not see it; but it is entering the hearts of My poor children. Pray and be vigilant, for the day and the hour the Father knows. My Son is ready to come and take away His faithful, only those who allowed themselves to be marked with His Precious Blood, those who made an effort, those who were courageous, those who were not afraid to open their hearts to Jesus Christ.

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My children, time is urgent; souls are urgent. Listen to us! A ball of fire is threatening the Earth. Managua and Granada are flooded. The life of Pope Francis is in danger. Above golden letters say: Children, wake up!


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