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Dear children, little apostles of our Sacred Hearts, as your Mother of Tears I wish to transmit my call.

In many places of the world, I have manifested myself by shedding tears. As a Mother I have wept for all my children, because as a Mother I love every child of God with a unique and special Love, and I suffer so much because I see continuously souls falling into the fire of hell!

Understand how great my sorrow is. The love of a mother on earth cannot be compared with the love of your Mother in Heaven, which is a unique, infinite and unrepeatable love for every son of mine. Consider the tears and sorrows of your Mother. See in my tears the call to love and conversion.

I weep because my children do not want to understand, and I weep because every moment humanity moves away more from the Love of Jesus. Children, I do not want you to go astray, I do not want you to be confused, follow my Calls to Love and Conversion, because in Them I am showing you the way that you must travel in this exodus of the End Times. Do not go astray but listen to me.

My sorrowful and immaculate Heart is the Star that must guide you. Trust and consecrate yourselves to your Mother in Heaven and to you, little one, who are granted the Grace of the Union of our Two Hearts to yours, it is no longer a union in Spirit, but also in Truth. Our Two Hearts with yours are one single Heartbeat, united in one single Love and suffering one “unique” Sorrow. Our Two Hearts are truly in you. I give you my Maternal Blessing.

And from my Garden, I shed my Maternal Tears over the World, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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