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You do not believe my Holy Spirit

The instrument: In prayer I asked my Jesus about an intention I had in my heart to make my Holy Mother’s images on pilgrimage, to which Jesus immediately told me:

Jesus: Jesus: The pilgrim images of my Mother will obtain from me my blessing, they will go in the world and will extend, with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of my Mother, my Eucharistic Reign. Each image will be like a net, it will catch souls for my Sacred Heart. I will grant them (as a channel of grace) the gift of conversion and of my Love. It extends the Reign of my Father in our Two United Most Sacred Hearts in humanity.

Dear son, my Sacred Eucharistic Heart bleeds of Love, because of man’s rejection of my Love. With your sinful lives, you wound and make it agonize again, no longer on Calvary, but in the solitude of your hearts.

Dear son, my Sacred Heart has always borne all the sins of the world out of love and mercy, always the Most Holy Trinity has wanted to renew the Covenant with its people, but they are always unfaithful to Our Covenant of Love.

My Father and I, in the Holy Spirit, sent my beloved Mother to La Salette to rekindle the Flame of Love and Faith, making a hopeful Call to the world and to my Church, but no prophet is accepted among the people. My prophets are not accepted in my Church, because many hearts pretend to lead my Church with experiences and not with the action of my Holy Spirit, rationalizing all graces. And my graces are not for reason, but to be accepted with faith in loving hearts. Only those who have holy love will recognize Holy Love in the manifestations of my Beloved Mother and in the Words that I transmit to you.

In my Church a terrible war is raging in hearts. A war of human wisdom against the Wisdom of God. A war of those who seek to remove the Manifestations from My Church. Before all faith, however weak it may be, is extinguished, I sent my Holy Mother to La Salette, to the whole world and to you, so that when I return, I may find a Faithful Remnant that has defended my cause. This Faithful Remnant will unite faith and reason, understanding my Holy Spirit, with reason but from the faith that they will obtain by living My Calls and obeying the prophets. There are two great Armies in my Church, those who believe and accept the Message and those, who rejecting my Holy Spirit, move further and further away from my Sanctuary, leaving my House alone.

Little son, the time of the desolation of My House approaches, the time of the abomination within My Sanctuary is in plenitude.

Children who believe, children who are children, always see the fruits of the Holy Spirit, never doubt His action. What my Holy Spirit does is out of Love, you will understand it from Holy Love. I will never cease to manifest myself in my Church.

Little child, this Apostolate is a recruitment of souls for my Sacred Heart, many will reject my Work, because this Work is of God and not of man. It is for God Himself and not for men, and only those who are childlike and accept it as children, will feel my Love in this sublime and final mission.

This Apostolate will keep the Church united in the occult and in the rejection, in the coming schism. Pray. I love you and I hold this Work in my Hands because it is of my Hands and not of the world, and since it is not of the world, it will always be persecuted.

In the end it will be the faithful group that will rise, living faithfully and preparing with me my Eucharistic-Marian Reign in the world.

I bless you.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without original sin.


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