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Praise be to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary!

Praise be forever!

Beloved little brother:

The Holy Spirit, in configuring you to Jesus with His holy wounds, has granted you the most unfathomable grace on the path to holiness which is: the mystical incarnation of the Heart of Jesus and the Heart of the Immaculate Virgin in your heart. This mystical incarnation is carried out by the Holy Spirit through the spiritual espousal, which represents the mystical ring that Jesus, one day, gave you.

As a fruit of this mystical incarnation, the divine tears of their two hearts flow from the palms of your hands. The tears shed by Jesus and our Lady, one day, on Calvary, and continuously, now, as they are in you, flow from you, as a visible sign of the mystical incarnation.

This exudation, in the palms of your hands, of their divine tears, is marked with the brightness of frost, as a sign of the dew of the Holy Spirit.

By means of the exudations of the tears of Jesus and Mary on the palms of your hands, Jesus and the Immaculate Mother desire to work wonders in their children, as signs that show the presence of God in these Last Calls to Love and Conversion.

Therefore, your brothers who receive the exudations of the frosty tears, receive the grace of the hearts of Jesus and Mary; for them, and also for the objects of piety.

Dear little brother:

These are signs to accompany preaching. The whole work of the Apostolate, starting from your life, is a continuous call to return to God through Mary.

I, the Archangel Michael, accompanied by your Guardian Angel, bless you.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary most pure conceived without original sin.


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