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God the Father: My little child, how many heavenly signs and warnings I have given through My Spirit to the world, but people still do not listen and do not see. Not because they do not have the capacity to heed My calls, but because they do not want to listen so as not to change. They are a people with a stiff neck and a cold spirit. The souls have materialized so much that they no longer want to find a moment of prayer and meditation in their daily lives. They have forgotten the value of penance, sacrifice and fasting. Man does not want to find something that makes him uncomfortable, such as pain or renunciation. Because they do not want to suffer.

Son tell My People that to suffer with patience any pain, gentle or intense, physical, moral or spiritual, is an opportunity for atonement. And because they do not wish to suffer with patience, they do not free themselves, nor do they intercede for others. Is this not the Message of Fatima? Penance! For it is necessary to fight against the inclination of the Heart towards sin.

Little one, I want you now to make a pilgrimage to the Shrines I will order you to visit. To restore and consecrate Our True Calls. Because to do this is also reparation. Little one, while men fight to claim their rights, vain and passing, you, little consoler of your Abba, take an interest and watch over My Rights.

O little one, how I desire that one-day mankind will be interested in pleasing your Father God! I bless you, My Consoler. When you cannot go with your two spiritual parents, it is necessary that your spiritual director and father accompany you because through him you carry the presence, the ministry and the blessing of Jesus Christ the Priest along with your Mission in these End Times.

I am with you. On October 13 of each year, the Eucharistic Reign and Mary Co-Redemptrix are to be celebrated. The Chaplet of Reparation to the Most Holy Trinity for sinners consoles me and thus appeases Divine Justice. My consoler, I love you.

The Instrument: Fiat Abba! I always want to be under the Lordship of Your Feet, ready to obey You and obeying You, showing You my love, even if it is little and defective.

God the Father: Little Consoler, I bless You: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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