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Apostles of my Eucharistic Heart, that you may ponder the greatness of my Apostolate, you must understand that all the prayers that have authentically been given through other prophets, truly chosen by me, have been gathered in the Cenacle of Prayer that I have given to my Faithful Remnant, the apostles of the End Times, through this little spouse of the cross.

Likewise, the Apostolate and the Cenacles of Prayer are instruments of God, to gather the apostles of our Sacred Hearts in all nations of the earth. It is important, and urgent, that all who listen with the heart and believe in my last Calls to Love, from this Sacred Place, form the Cenacles of Prayer throughout the world, bringing the presence of the United Sacred Hearts.

My children, the two United Sacred Hearts, which have been shaped on this Holy Icon, are the last invocations of your Heavenly Mother and your Redeemer Jesus Christ. All attributes of my Mother and all attributes of my Heart are contained in this Holy Icon and therefore with this banner, as well as my Apostolate, I come to gather all nations.

Open your hearts and listen to me, do not repeat the error of your fathers, who at that time could hear me, see me and touch me, but did not want to believe. You must atone for your unbelief by listening to me, obeying me, and trusting me.

All of you are apostles chosen and set apart by my Mother as first fruits, through this work, for my heart. So, from this Holy Place, I bless all my apostles, and my Mother and my adoptive father, and united with them, the angels and saints pray continuously for all of you, so that you may say fiat to me with a sincere heart and live this fiat with radicality.

With merciful love I bless you.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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