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October 31, 2015 – Call to Love and Conversion from the Sacred Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Time is running out

Son, time is running out. I asked the world and the shepherds to come back to Me before darkness, they have ignored My Call. Now son, darkness is here reigning even in consecrated souls. Pray and make reparation for these souls. My Holy Mother who has been guiding you through this new time of Mercy,  has asked Me to take you with Her Immaculate Heart throughout the Passion of the Church, and I have told you that as the Coredemptrix, she has My Omnipotence and Maternal Supplication to guide Her Remnant, My Faithful Remnant.

Today I wish to explain to you what My Faithful People must do to remain united to My Doctrine. The Church, scourged and crowned with thorns, will be condemned by its own people, because the shepherds, not all but many, have been unfaithful to My Covenant of Love with them, have distanced My People from the Truth and condemn and persecute those who remain faithful.

When the schism happens, the part divided into rebellion and idolatry (which are already in apostasy) will condemn those who keep My Words. Therefore, My little Faithful Remnant must remain united by not forgetting the Words of My Gospel. Whoever denies My Gospel will deny Me. Never turn away from your thoughts the Word that I have given you. The church walks to its Passover, walks to its deliverance from the dominion of the dragon. Remain faithful, be always courageous and radical. Son, the Church will begin to walk her exodus, the way of the Cross, to reach the hill of the Cross. My Mother spoke to you of this at Fatima, My Church will be crucified alongside the shepherds, the faithful, souls who were obedient to My evangelical Doctrine. All this will happen so that the Church may be resurrected and glorified.

Now, my son, all this will begin to happen after the great warning. Those who, out of rage with the evil that has been presented to them, will attack my faithful. Followed by this, the great Miracle but which will be given after the purification, for it will be a miracle of My Mercy that My Faithful Remnant will remain standing and firm. This great miracle, little one, will consist of the Triumph of My Mother’s Immaculate Heart which will bring about the Reign of My Holy Spirit in all hearts.

In the Advent, of the Spirit, the Pentecost of the universal Church, will be when finally, the sign of the glorious Cross will remain as a testimony of the Triumph and Reign of Our United Sacred Hearts from the Cross in the Holy Spirit and realized by Divine Will. Remember, son, that this is a spiritual exodus from the hearts. My Mother and I will now continue to mark the path through this desert you will have to cross. Be attentive to Our Voice in the Holy Spirit. Pray, prepare My Remnant of Faithful Apostles.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without sin.  We will show you the way, and the suffering station of My Church.


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