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October 9, 2014 – Call to Love and Conversion from the Eternal Father Yahweh

Why obey My Law?

My dear children, I love you and I care for you. I have wanted to gather you like chicks under My wings, for I love you. But you have not obeyed Me. I Am Who I Am, Who I Have Been, Who I Will Be.

O My people, My New Israel, I love you and how I want your good, I have given you My Holy Law. A Law that will illuminate your paths, for My Words are a lamp for your paths. A law that will indicate to you good deeds. This is the law that is made in Love, out of Love. A Law that will inundate your beings from within, for the Law is summarized in this, in Love; love for Me, your God; love for your neighbor; love because I am Love, and Love is Me. Love that I have shown you. But you turn your heart away from Me as your parents in the desert.

In the beginning I created the world with order, a perfect order, harmony, stability, everything had its place and each creature its space, space that was not based on selfishness and loneliness but on union and love. I gave My Law to my people so that they would live in the perfect way of love.

Not only do you avoid My path, but you alter, distort, and even destroy the order with which everything was created. You hurt yourselves, you injure yourselves, you kill yourselves.

How much you have suffered, my people, how much humanity has suffered, but it is because you do not obey my precepts. When you disobey, the damage you do to yourselves is enormous, terrible because you eliminate My Presence from your life. That is why everything goes wrong, that is why you destroy and damage everything, because you act without My blessing.

I only ask you to live in My Law, the Law of Love.

You do not realize how much evil you are preparing yourselves; you are destroying your soul and killing your conscience. I have given you the soul and the conscience as two powers of My Provident Spirit for you, so that you may understand and obey that I am Love and all I ask is your love.

Atone, confess your sins and make ten days of prayer and fasting, Holy Mass and Communion for each of My Ten Commandments broken by pride and non-love. This people must obey Me and I will be your God, if you obey Me. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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