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Beloved little one and the littlest of all, I desire vividly to express to you my great Love.

I bless all the apostles of our United Sacred Hearts of these end times. I bless every soul who has heard our Calls to Love and Conversion. I bless the effort, and I ask and demand from you in Holy Love, to give more.

Little children, help us save souls, help my Mother reach all hearts by praying that the cenacles of prayer, arks of salvation, may be multiplied everywhere.

You little one, have been prepared. Now, son, along with your spiritual guides and united with them, you must evangelize the Holy Remnant. Son, now you must guide those who obey me, toward our Eucharistic Reign and the final triumph of the Woman clothed with the Sun.

Son, guide and preach to the Faithful Remnant in order to be faithful to Peter, to the Holy Eucharist and to my Heavenly Mother, and to rescue many souls from the great deception of Satan.

My beloved people, be grateful for the many manifestations of Heaven throughout the pilgrimage of my Church. Be grateful for every Heavenly manifestation as a loving Call to conversion. My people, do not be like the lepers; nine were of my people, one a stranger. The only one who received with love, accepted with faith and said the Fiat of my Mother in Heaven, was the foreign leper who already healthy approached me and thanked me.

Children, many graces have been given to my Church. Many of mine have ignored them and wasted them while little and simple, insignificant and hidden souls have accepted the graces of the Trinitarian Love with faith. My people, be grateful, be a grateful flock to your Good Shepherd.

I love you and I bless you. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without original sin.


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