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The Call of La Salette

Jesus: Write today, little one, I open my Sacred Heart. The Divine Savior continues to reveal his loves and sorrows to man. And for man, I still continue to insist because I want to save souls.

The Instrument: My dear Jesus, always in my littleness, ignorance and helplessness, I am ready to do the little I can to serve You, Jesus. And with the suffering in my heart of knowing that I do little or nothing, I am or try to be faithful, Jesus.

Jesus: Yes, little one, already with your effort you help and relieve me. Son, come with me to La Salette, where my Mother and I were sent by our “Abba” to give, through simple souls, a message of conversion and warning. The gift of la Salette is a gift of exhortation and conversion. It is a message of radicalism and fidelity, a faithful and true message, an urgent and important message for this time.

Son, my Church does not know that la Salette is a manifestation, the matrix of my Mother’s Era, and is a current source of prophecy. I call once more through you, little prophet of the Kingdom of Mary, all the apostles of the end times and the Faithful Remnant: live my message. Remember the Call of La Salette, go out “now” to evangelize with the testimony and unite the souls in prayer in our cenacles.

Pray especially for the Middle East and the Christian people. Pray for the suffering Church. Do not keep silent, if you keep silent the stones will speak, tell the truth. Little one, I chose you to remind the world of my last Calls. You are not alone, you do not walk alone, trust and be faithful. My Mother of la Salette says: “Go out to illuminate the world, apostles of the end times”.

I love you, little one of my Sacred Heart, son of La Salette. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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