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My Sacred Heart, Mercy, seals My chosen ones.

The Merciful Sacred Heart bows down with Love and Compassion. The Seal of Blood that My Eternal Father commanded to be placed in the homes of the Israelites before the exodus, this same Seal, is placed upon you and with the seven anointings of My Mother. Seven because She contains all the mysteries of Heaven, all the anointings of the Holy Spirit in perfection, and that grace had never been given until these days to my apostles, my chosen ones, the predestined.

My children, I am calling 144,000, before the final battle for all of you with the banner of the Two United Hearts to say “yes” to the Advent of the Reign of the Two Hearts that will triumph, reign and win.

My children, let My Love mould you so that I may make the changes you need in you, that I may make in you the liberations, purifications, the perfection I want in each of My servants.

Dear children, do not be afraid to come close and to leave everything for Me, for the one who leaves everything for Me, in trust and in detachment, will find everything multiplied again for I am the God who does not let himself be won over in generosity.

Dear children, may My Mercy encourage you and bless you. Do not be afraid to give yourselves to the Heart of the Father, as I did from the Cross. Be my apostles whom I love and instruct.

Dear ones, give everything for the Work of Our Two Hearts, go forward on the way of the cross. Do not be afraid, for My Divine Mercy is with you and My Grace is sufficient for you to have confidence in surrender, in immolation, in sacrifice.

Children, I love you very much and I continue to give Myself for you from the Cross, on My Eucharistic Altar. Children, I love you and I bless you, persevere. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without sin.


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