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Dear Apostles of my Sacred Heart, my heart desires to be loved.

Children, to love my heart is not only to pray for a long time. To love my heart is not to fast as if by commitment. To love my heart is not to see my Work as a burden but as an Act of Mercy. To love my heart is also to do; to love me is also to do real, palpable actions that are a testimony of the presence of my Spirit in you.

To love my heart is to trust in what I tell you. To love me is to believe in what I am doing here. To love me is to have the firm hope that, with the help of my Grace and Holy Love, you can change.

Children show me love. I want to see your acts of love. I want to see you overcome yourselves. I want to see you patiently bearing the cross and serving without expecting anything. I want to see you loving silence, concealment, and detachment.

Children, I want to see it too; show me, your Jesus, that you love me, and if you love me, you will fulfill what I have commanded you. Besides, I want all to understand that this is the Work of my Sacred Heart; there is no more where to deviate or be confused, if you are faithful to my Last Calls to Love and Conversion. If you believe in me, you will believe in this Work and will not be confused.

I want all Apostles of our Sacred Hearts to propagate the Cenacles of Prayer, the Holy Scapular and the Picture of the Sacred Hearts everywhere. The time has come for you also to show your Jesus that you believe and trust in my Word. I am with you, and all I ask of you is obedience, and much love for God and your brothers.

I bless you with Merciful Love, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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