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February 3, 2016 – Call to Love and Conversion from the Chaste and Loving Heart of Saint Josep

Dear children, by the Divine Will I am with you and I guide you and teach you so that with your life you may glorify the Holy of Holies.

May their work, their families, their chores be directed to the greater glory of God. Glorify God always. In your troubles and tribulations, praise and give thanks. In your sufferings and sickness, praise and give thanks. In your tribulations and pains, praise and give thanks. Offer to God all that you are, all that you live. Give it to Jesus as a love offering. None of your works will be left without any Grace from the Divine Mercy if you consecrate them to Jesus.

My children, faithful souls, always listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Pray and do not lose peace. Live in constant prayer. And in times of confusion and trial your help is in prayer and in the teaching of our messages. Because our messages only come to explain and teach you what Jesus Christ has already told you through the Holy Gospel. But our hearts united as intercessors come to the encounter of the faithful souls.

My children, little lambs of the flock, do not be scattered because the wolves are many and will hurt the flock and the shepherd if they are not united to the Good and Divine Shepherd Jesus Christ. Listen to Our word. Receive the Grace of the Holy Spirit. The Lord loves you and blesses you.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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