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Little nothing of Our Sacred Hearts, the Apostolate must also be understood as the Work of Saint Joseph, for, through the Apostolate, the Most Holy Trinity has desired to reveal the great Josephite Devotion: My Chaste and Loving Heart, as the greatest title with which your Father Joseph is honored in these End Times.

Through the Apostolate God the Father wants to establish the Devotion to the Chaste and Loving Heart of Saint Joseph. Through the Cenacle of my Seven Sorrows and Joys, the Icon of my Chaste and Loving Heart and my Calls to Love.

That men may accept this Devotion and draw near through my Heart to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Meditate on Chapter 20 of the Book of Genesis.

With my Chaste and Loving Heart, I bless you.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without original sin.

Genesis 20 – New Jerusalem Bible

1.Abraham left there for the region of the Negeb and settled between Kadesh and Shur. While staying in Gerar, 2.Abraham said of his wife Sarah, ‘She is my sister,’ and Abimelech the king of Gerar had Sarah brought to him. 3.But God visited Abimelech in a dream one night. ‘You are to die,’ he told him, ‘because of the woman you have taken, for she is a married woman.’ 4.Abimelech, however, had not gone near her; so he said, ‘Lord, would you kill someone even if he is upright? 5.Did he not tell me himself, “She is my sister”? And she herself said, “He is my brother.” I did this with a clear conscience and clean hands. 6.’Yes, I know,’ God replied in the dream, ‘that you did this with a clear conscience and I myself prevented you from sinning against me. That was why I did not let you touch her. 7.Now send the man’s wife back; for he is a prophet and can intercede on your behalf for your life. But understand that if you do not send her back, this means death for you and all yours.’ 8.Early next morning, Abimelech summoned his full court and told them the whole story, at which the people were very much afraid. 9.Then summoning Abraham, Abimelech said to him, ‘What have you done to us? What wrong have I done you, for you to bring such guilt on me and on my kingdom? You had no right to treat me like this.’ 10.Abimelech then said to Abraham, ‘What possessed you to do such a thing? 11.’Because’, Abraham replied, ‘I thought there would be no fear of God here and that I should be killed for the sake of my wife. 12.Anyway, she really is my sister, my father’s daughter though not my mother’s, besides being my wife. 13.So when God made me wander far from my father’s home I said to her, “There is an act of love you can do me: everywhere we go, say of me that I am your brother.” 14.Abimelech took sheep, cattle, men and women slaves, and presented them to Abraham, and gave him back his wife Sarah. 15.And Abimelech said, ‘Look, my land is open to you. Settle wherever you please.’ 16.To Sarah he said, ‘Look, I am giving your brother a thousand pieces of silver. This will allay suspicions about you, as far as all the people round you are “concerned; you have been completely vindicated.’ 17.Abraham then interceded with God, and God healed Abimelech, his wife and his slave-girls, so that they could have children, 18.for Yahweh had made all the women of Abimelech’s household barren on account of Sarah, Abraham’s wife.


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