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Little lily of the Mother of Carmel, men are not listening to us, humanity remains reluctant to respond to our Calls to Love. They are the Last Calls for mankind and men believe that they are not important and others totally ignore them.

Little children, listen to my Chaste and Loving Heart, I am Saint Joseph, a man like you, I know the work, I know the fatigue of the effort, the tiredness of the daily journey.

I was a worker, but you know, dear children, I toiled in everything for God. Little children, in what you have to do in this life, do it for the greater glory of God, no matter what work or job you have to do, but do it to glorify God. Look upon your work with love, as the purification for the sins of your soul.

Children, I have come to reveal to you the path of Saint Joseph and my heart is the path. To be walking this path is to live my virtues, virtues granted to me by the Spirit of God, through simplicity and obedience to his Word.

Dear children, in this path of Saint Joseph, love shines, the love of Christ, this love is not sentimentalism, this love is a virtue that is translated into concrete works, such as:

– forgiveness,

– putting yourself at the service of your neighbor,

– seeing in your neighbor the Face of Jesus, whether disfigured by sin, or glorified by Grace, but seeing Jesus in every person.

– Concrete actions, such as interceding in your prayers for the world,

– small actions that radiate light for others, that others may see Jesus in you.

There is no need to talk a lot, the important thing is to act.

Children, on this Saint Joseph’s path, I want to teach you that everyday actions can make you saints, and can bring those around you closer to God, this is my desire for you.

And how will you walk this Josephine path? You will do it in a very simple way, by obeying me. Only with obedience you are already walking the path of your father Joseph.

I am Saint Joseph the Pilgrim and I bless you all.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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