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God the Father willed that on October 13, during the last apparition at Fatima, I would manifest myself, to prophesy the Era of the Three Hearts of the Holy Family; a prophecy that has been fulfilled by our Apostolate, and that through the Calls to Love and Conversion, the mission that the Father entrusted to our United Sacred Hearts is being consolidated, made concrete and realized.

Humanity is so dispersed. Many men want to listen to what pleases them but flee from that which compromises them.

Humanity you have the Church, the Holy Father, the Gospel and our Last Calls to Love and Conversion. This must be your light and guide, and no longer allow yourself to be confused and thus move away from the truth.

Beloved souls, you have not yet understood the importance of this work, and you have not yet understood the urgency of my Calls. It seems that your hearts are not yet fully convinced that these are the last revelations of the Sacred Hearts and the most important for mankind.

Dear souls, we have come to consecrate this place as the home of Nazareth for these times, and I want you to understand that this place is the House of the Holy Family for the End Times, and that recollection and prayer must be kept. And all souls who desire to make a pilgrimage to our Home of Nazareth for the End Times when they come and pray will be marked with the Seal of the End Times, the Seal of Revelation, the Mark of the Lamb of God, His Precious Blood, and this Seal will be received not only by those who come to pray in our Home of Nazareth in these End Times, but also by their families.

Dear children, it is still necessary that you pray with your heart. It is still important that you change your life without delay. It is still important that you listen with greater recollection to our Calls to Love.

As the Protector of the Apostles of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, I bless you, and from this Home of Nazareth of the End Times I bless the whole world.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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