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June 8, 2016 – Call to Love and Conversion from the Chaste and Loving Heart of Saint Joseph

Dear children, my Loving Heart calls all men to look at the Wounded Heart of Jesus and the afflicted Heart of Mary, for the sins of men which are becoming more serious every day. Darkness and sin have taken the greater part of hearts as their own, and men have also declined their will to offend the Lord.

The world needs the children of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who must pray much for peace.

Children take refuge in my Mantle and Chaste Heart because in these end times, I will protect the children of Mary and the disciples of the Heart of Christ, so that Herod, the antichrist and the false church will not attack the children of Mary.

My Fatherly Heart will protect you and I will lead you by my hand into the Holy Heavenly Home of Jesus and Mary so that together you may live the Eternal Cenacle of Love, which you can live by giving life to our messages and by being faithful to the Consecration to the Two Hearts of Love.

Little children ask for my intercession and I will teach you to be faithful to Jesus and Mary. I love you and I bless you. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Children should also pray. Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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