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Dear children of my Chaste and Loving Heart, I show you the gift of contemplation, to pray with the heart is to pray for pure love of God, and to contemplate is to penetrate into prayer, and contemplation transforms the whole of life in such a way that even work is done in silence and prayer.

When the soul lets itself be opened by the light of the Holy Spirit, contemplation spreads throughout the soul and is lived not only in prayer but also in work, in ordinary things of life.

When the soul practices contemplation, it is easier for the soul to understand God, because it is in God, who can listen to it in the heart.

When a soul is contemplative, even in its words, gaze and actions, it demonstrates itself. Contemplation is a precious gift in the eyes of God, because to contemplate is to look at God with the heart and to let God see the soul; it is a communion of spirit, a union with the Lord.

I invite you to pray by contemplating, by meditating in prayer. And every Call to Love and Conversion that Our Sacred Hearts are giving, through this little lily, listen to them with contemplative ears, so that you can understand and comprehend, but most importantly practice what Heaven wants for you and what the Father wants from you.

Many confused souls ask themselves: what is the Will of God? Today, with fatherly love I tell you: the Will of God for you is in the Holy Scriptures, and God himself comes to explain his Will to you with Our Calls to Love and Conversion.

So, these manifestations of God, from this spiritual sanctuary of the end times, are so special and unique, that the heart of Jesus is telling you: what he wants from you! Therefore, Heaven, with much urgency, asks you to listen to these Calls to Love and Conversion, because with these calls, Heaven wants you to return to the Word of God and to the love and veneration of the Holy Father. Listen to us! There are many voices in the world, do not be confused.

I give you my blessing as a father, a protector, and a patriarch of the Faithful Remnant. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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