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Children of my Most Chaste Heart put all your attention on the Sorrowful Passion of Jesus.

I too could see in a mystical way the sufferings of my Adopted Son. I knew that by those sufferings’ mankind would be redeemed and the souls of the righteous brought to the paradise that was opened by his blood. My Heart also was sorrowful when I saw him in so much pain and supplication.

You, dear children, can think only of the physical sorrows of Jesus and not even thinking of the pains of the body that Jesus endured, you can realize the immense pain that He suffered.

You also ignore the spiritual sufferings of Jesus, the moral pain that he had to endure for you.

Do you not know what it means for God to become sin for you? Do you not realize the infinite humiliation of God for you?

The human heart is so closed in on itself that it cannot even think of the sufferings of the Redeemer.

And why do I say turn your eyes to the Cross? Because you have turned your eyes away from God and now you see, you aspire, you desire, all the good that the world proposes to you, and you no longer see, you no longer aspire, you no longer desire, all the perfection that the Gospel offers you.

Remember that what is good for the world, before the law of God, is bad, because the world has abandoned virtue because of sin. And the world believes that to live doing what it pleases, satisfying its desires, and living in materialism and trampling on others, is good.

Turn your gaze to the Cross, realize that:

  1. It is useless to win the world because you will lose your soul,

  2. for the Christian there should be no comfort but his life should be a continuous pilgrimage,

  3. the only wealth is poverty of spirit

  4. and happy is he who fulfills the Commandments of the Lord.

Turn your eyes to the Cross. Do not be indifferent any longer to what he, Jesus Christ, has suffered for all of us.

And to pay for so much love He has had, seek holiness, love humility and obedience, long for silence and prayer, and may your life and all that you do be always a continuous life of penance, sacrifice and reparation.

I invite you, children of my Loving Heart, to turn your gaze to the Cross. And on the Cross, listen to Jesus who tells you, that if you fulfill his Commandments, you will be with him in paradise and for that, you must carry your cross, deny yourself and follow him to the end.

I, the Patriarch Saint Joseph, who mystically also contemplated the Passion of Jesus, give you the blessing. In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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