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At the last apparition of Our Lady in Fatima, God the Father also sent me so that the three little shepherds could see me, together with the Child Jesus, blessing the world.

Thus we prefigure the devotion most desired by Heaven; the devotion to the Three Hearts of the Holy Family: The Heart of the Redeemer, the Heart of the Mother of God, and the Heart of the First Apostle of Jesus and Mary, my Chaste and Loving Heart. The Three Hearts.

It is not limited only to the physical member, but to be devoted apostles of our Sacred Hearts, also apostles of our will, of our intentions, of our desires.

The whole person is centered in the heart. When you adore the heart of Jesus, you adore his humanity and divinity, his entire being. That is why, to be apostles of the Sacred Hearts is to be reflections of them in the world; your hearts must be living copies of the Sacred Hearts.

Therefore, with this Apparition of the Three Hearts in Fatima, the arrival of this work of the End Times was announced. And now, from these Last Calls to Love and Conversion, we announce for the last time what was announced in Fatima.

Be attentive! All lovers of Jesus and Mary must join this work, there is no other, because here resound, once again, the authentic revelations from Heaven that it already has made in past times, focus on this work!

My call to all Apostles of the End Times is not to let peace be taken away by false prophecies; remember that even the demon can make great manifestations.  God manifests himself in simplicity, in silence, in order. This work is, first, obedient to Heaven; it is at the service of Christ’s Church; it is a work for the glory of God and salvation of souls. Also, it is a work that loves and prays for the Holy Father.

It hurts Heaven very much when its members deviate and allow themselves to be confused by beings dressed in light that divide the Church and the Marian Army. Do not let yourselves be confused. And I say to you: look no more, this is the work of the End Times. Pray and fast so that you may understand the importance of this.

I bless you, just as on October 13th I blessed the world; in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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