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Heaven itself prepares the children of God. When God chooses a soul for his service, God himself prepares them. He first makes them see what is wrong and what they must change. Then He gives them consciousness of sin, so that they may recognize their faults. And at that moment, the soul understands that a word, a thought or a look can already offend God. The soul that then lets itself be illuminated and repents, changes, and in all seeks to please God.

Souls that meet the Love of Jesus do not want to be seen or heard or admired; they simply want to hide themselves; they conceal themselves. There in the hidden, in anonymity, in silence, they want to serve God. Because God alone is the object of their love. Nothing and nobody. And they understand that only God ‘Is’. So, in the same way, the Holy Spirit and Our Lady did with me; they enlightened me, indicated what I should do, and I obeyed. This obedience is to say ‘no’ to the human will. The human will lead to sin, to death, to condemnation. Renouncing your will, to live what Jesus wants and has taught you, is an act of love. Renouncing yourself is an act of faith and of trust because you expect everything from God.

Truth and love, security and joy, that soul that trusts finds it in God. I invite you to this. Despite all the storms of life, never lose your trust in God. Even when you are in the most terrible trial, but you trust in God, you do not lack peace, you believe and go on. That is what Jesus wants! Keep going, no matter how long the desert, you must walk. Never be discouraged by the little cross that God has given you to save you!

I bless you as the Nourishing Father of Jesus, the Word who became Flesh to redeem all mankind. Look at Christ crucified! In the Cross you have the greatest proof of Love!

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure conceived without original sin.


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