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October 28, 2015 – Call to Love and Conversion from the Chaste and Loving Heart of Saint Josep

I come to instruct you to walk in the path of Truth, to come to the knowledge of God and to achieve conversion that every day you must strive to conquer conversion.

Dear children, the Lord is at work in hearts which are open to his love and allow themselves to be seduced by the Holy Spirit so that they may lead a life of holiness, charity, faith and hope.

My children, plant the lilies of holiness in your hearts. The world is so corrupt that it has left the Order established by the Father, and souls are in need who voluntarily decide for holiness to live in union with the Lord.

Dear children, if Nicaragua does not seek peace, a social disorder will come upon this people, upon all of Central America, because they have closed their hearts to the Lord, and if they do not change, man will be a threat to man.

Therefore, dear children, pray for peace, ask for peace, bring the lily of peace into your hearts, into your homes, be bearers of peace. Pray for these people who have suffered and will continue to suffer, for the lack of conversion of the rulers, of the authorities, of the leaders, who have not acted according to the Divine Will. And so the shepherd who is blind leads the flock to the cliff, because they do not ask the Holy Spirit for his light to guide them in their lives.

However, you make reparation and atone with your life given to Jesus and Mary and offer yourselves for the conversion of the heart of the world, wounded and tired of so much sin.

The Lord loves His children who obey, who listen, who trust, who abandon themselves without thinking in His Father’s arms, as I did one day in Nazareth, without understanding, with many concerns in My heart. I said ¨YES ¨ to God’s Project. I love you and I bless you, I bless the objects you have brought to put them under my protection.

Remember to keep food, water, medicine, honey.  Be prepared because the day and the hour, the Lord knows them. Live prepared to meet the Beloved. In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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