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Be true apostles of the United Sacred Hearts.

Dear children of My Loving and Chaste Heart, I love you and bless you.

Dear children, you are in the time of a great spiritual battle where the army of darkness (the children of the father of lies) fights against the just and the humble against the apostles of the end times and of the Two Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Dear children, the Church is shaking from its foundations. Pope Francis and Benedict XVI are suffering a lot and Heaven calls and urges the children of Mary to defend the Church where the Army of Jesus and Mary is to fight for the Church.

Dear children, I encourage you not to let yourselves be defeated by darkness and spiritual lukewarmness because you are already in the moment of battle.

Dear children, I encourage you not to be overcome by darkness, the Holy Spirit is sending me at this moment to make you aware of your mission. You are chosen soldiers and much is being entrusted to you, and to the one who is entrusted much, much will be demanded.

Dear children, you are protected by the Immaculate Heart of My Beloved Bride, you must give everything for the whole, without fear, without mistrust at the beginning of the mission. I too doubted, I was disturbed, but the Holy Spirit confirmed to me that everything was a work of God. So, my dear, pray and work in this little flock because God is going to act in the Church and in the world from the hidden ones.

Stay in the hidden for when the time will come that you will enlighten the whole world with these last words. As apostles of the Two Hearts and of the end times, may you resurrect the Church and thus bring a New Pentecost and never be afraid, never let yourselves be disturbed by mistrust, impatience or lack of peace because these are elements that the enemy of souls uses to keep you away from the tranquillity and Love of the Lord, which are the living signs that the Holy Spirit is with you.

Little children, make yourselves aware that you are soldiers, that you are an army, and to you it will correspond in due time, in God’s hour, you will conquer the world. We are preparing you, always come to meet us because every day that ends, we give thanks, gifts and charisms for the great spiritual battle.

Pray for the unity of the Mystical Body of Christ. Pray that the apostles of the end time will be one army. They have been entrusted with much, because they are loved very much.

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Hail Mary Most Pure, conceived without sin.


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